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  The venue is finalized, lists are done, invitations are ready, splendid decorations, grandeur stage is set and all crucial for a big  event. However, The guests may forget all these things, but a perfect biryani is never forgotten, and lasts for the lifetime.   We at Basha's Durbar Biryani create a perfect "Bhai Veetu Kalayana style Biriyani", and create a taste that will never be forgotten, that is why, Basha's Durbar Biryani catering is known for.  If you are looking for the best catering company in the Chennai, you are exactly at the right place.We at Durbar Biryani offer the best catering services in Chennai, for all your occasions.We have an exclusive menu, which can be customised as per your requirement.    We at Basha's Durbar Biryani, transform your wedding moments a memorable one not just for you alone, but for your family and friends either by serving, the best "Bhai Veetu Kalayana style Biryani" . So if you are looking for a Biryani caterer

Briyani - The Royal Dish of India.

  Biryani itself a royal dish, thus indulging ourself will give you, a royal experience. Basha's Durbar Biryani outlet at Chennai serves a flavorsome "Bhai Vettu Kalayana Style Biryani, that is totally worth to be relished. With a number of Biriyani restaurants in the city, one does not often find a resturant, which offers typical "Bhai Vettu Kalayana Style Biryani" Infact, Basha's Durbar Biryani restaurant offers, the best of both worlds, with influences from the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent firewood style Biryani, it has its own unique flavours and combinations that will surely satisfy your taste buds and appetite. We at Basha's Durbar Biryani, offer you an  exclusive "Bhai Vettu Style Kalayana Biriyani" which treat your appetite crave for "Bhai Veetu Kalayana Biriyani" and you don't need to wait, for a next Bhai Veetu Kalayana occasion. Basha's Durbar Biryani restaurant offers you the same typical Bhai Veetu Biriyani

5 reasons to order from Bashas Durbar

 The famous Biriyani in Chennai The popularity behind, Indian Biryani is because of its aroma and taste, which we get exclusively from the range of spices that are grown in our Indian soil, which makes the Indian variant of Biriyani, So special and makes us go crazy for Biriyani. It has also contributed significantly towards the evolution of different types of Biryani across the world. The Indian versions, itself has more than 7+ varities of biriyani's across different regions of India.The local regional spices creates the local magic and makes it, so unique.To try our authentic "Bhai Vettu Kalayana style Biriyani",do visit our restaurant.You could also simply order online at The Biryani's from Southern regions of India are of distinctive taste and texture, when compared with the other Biryani's, They use different types of premium rice, which varies in its size from small grain size to long grain rice, which adds an extra flavours to the Bir

Bucket Biryani in Chennai

 A Biriyani which will never be forgot. Are you searching for the best catering service in Chennai? You are indeed at the right place. These days finding a caterer, who cooks hygenically adhering to all safety protocols has become so important despite the ongoing corona situation and on the other hand, the taste they offer not always the same and sometimes the taste go wrong, if a wrong caterer is hired, which could even ruin your special moments. It is very important to chose a caterer with experience, as far as the occasion is concerned. We at Basha's Durbar Biryani strongly believe that biriyani is something special than just an ordinary meal, which creates an unforgettable taste and memories. Basha's Durbar Biryani Catering Services in Chennai is a top player in the category of Marriage Biryani Caterers. This is a well-known establishment for the past 30 years and acts as an one-stop destination for all your Biriyani and non-vegetarian Catering requirements in Chennai. We a

Best Chicken Biryani in Chennai

 Chicken Biryani: Biryani connects people from all walks of life and has become an impeccable food for Chennaites. Chicken Biryani is a delicious dish, which is a combination of chicken and rice, that is loaded with spicy marinated chicken, caramelized onions, and colourful saffron rice and also includes layers of chicken, rice and aromatics that are steamed together. The bottom layer of rice absorbs all the chicken liquids as it cooks, giving it a perfect texture and as saffron adds to it's rich flavor to our Chicken Biriyani at Basha's Durbar Biryani Restaurant in Chennai. We at Basha's Durbar Biryani strongly believe a perfect biriyani recipe starts right from identifying the right ingredients like premium first grade spices, long grain rice and perfect meat. Our avid chef has mastered the art cooking, which adds a personal touch and makes our Chicken Briyani,so special for the Chennaites at Basha's Durbar Biryani Restaurant. We at Basha's Durbar Biryani able to

Passion for Biryani

 The Biriyani That Create Memories... The evolution of food industry and the globalization have brought many different dishes from different parts of the world. Though the roots of Biriyani is from Middle East, which was brought into India by the Mughals during 1525,  this dish was recreated by adding our exclusive Indian spices and through which, the perfect world class briyani was recreated and evolved in India. Which later became irresistible and very popular among Indians. We at Basha's Durbar Biryani are keen on ensuring the traditional approach of Dum slow cooking with firewood coal, which actually curates the rice and binds every bit of the spices with the rice and there by it induces the real perfect aroma and taste to create the finest world class biriyani. Our Biryani's are infused with premium long grain rice, typical high grade spices and Irani Saffron, which are slow dum cooked, to serve you with the typical kind of "Bhai Vettu Kalayana Biriyani", which e

Best Bucket Biryani in Chennai

 B ashas Durbar Biryani is the ultimate destination for Biryani lovers. Who doesn’t like biryani? Everyone does. Biryani is the favorite food for most people. Especially the Muslim style Biryani. For close to forty years now, Basha’s Durbar Biryani has been serving authentic Muslim style Biryani with impeccable service standards, offering a rich blend of mouth-watering dishes, all prepared by our own skilled and seasoned chefs.Hungry!!!Why waiting?Durbar biriyani is available online, So order biryani online, to taste the best biryani in chennai Bucket Biryani is our signature product. Our specializations are Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani. We have 3 variations in Bucket Biryani as per the Quantity, which serves two, five and eight people. Flavorful, delicious, hot bucket biryani is served with brinjal curry, eggs, onion raita and chicken 65. Bucket Biryani is economical too and very popular with the ardent biryani lovers.Reach us to know the bucket biryani price in Chennai and  mut