Looking for corporate caterers in Chennai? Use Our Guide to Help You

  A delicious dinner can help coworkers bond, impress clients, and close deals. You've come to the right place if you've been entrusted with locating the best corporate caterers in Chennai. First and foremost, What is corporate catering? Corporate catering is the industry of delivering food to professional events on a daily basis, such as contracting corporate catering services in Chennai to serve daily lunch buffets to all of your employees. It could also be a one-time event, such as employing corporate caterers for special events such as client meetings, gala dinners, and company picnics. The procedure is straightforward: you select your favorite corporate caterer and provide themwith your needs, including the number of attendees, meal style, menu, and budget. They'll transport the meals to your office or a party space of your choice. Depending on the service, professional waiters will serve the meals to your guests, or pre-packaged meal boxes will be provided f

Wedding Season is Back on The Rise in 2022: Expert Advice from Chennai's Best Wedding Caterers

  The wedding industry is ready to bounce back with a boom, just in time for the major wedding season, after nearly two years of hopelessness. As we near the end of 2021, everyone from wedding planners and caterers in Chennai to band-wallas are hoping for a busy wedding season. As the pandemic spread, one of the hardest-hit industries was the wedding industry. Families could no longer have the huge, fat weddings of their dreams due to social distancing, lockdowns, and guest limits. Destination weddings were also out of the question due to the travel restrictions. Families had to narrow down the wedding guest list from 500+ wedding guests to just a few close relatives. During the past two years, wedding ceremonies have become more intimate, with the majority of them taking place in people's homes. We've finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Wedding planners and caterers in Chennai believe that about 5 lakh couples would tie the knot before the end of the year,

Big Day? Here’s how you can keep calm- Professional Caterer Tips!

  If you're planning a wedding, you might be doubtful about the possibility of keeping your nerves in check on the big day. Professional wedding caterers, on the other hand, who manage hundreds or even thousands of events each year, have refined tactics for avoiding panic. If you follow these easy guidelines, you'll be able to unwind and enjoy every moment of this great day. Make a plan and stick to it Wedding caterers understand that planning is crucial to the success of any large event. You develop a sense of confidence that you wouldn't have if you didn't plan every minute and aspect of your event ahead of time. Don't be afraid to follow up with all of your vendors and anybody else involved in your wedding or reception on a regular basis. They should be more than eager to provide you with constant updates if they understand your sentiments. Keep your trusted ones close Whether you engage a professional wedding planner or enlist the help of a trusted friend or fam

Why Bashas Catering

  Catering Perks: Turn any memorable feast into a Celebration! Food is a deeply personal affair. Sharing, savoring, and vitality are all aspects of food. Whatever event or special occasion you're looking to provide dining for, you should have a theme and a menu tailored to your specific requirements. Whenever you want to have a meal to commemorate an occasion, catering can help you make it truly memorable. Whether you're celebrating a corporate or personal occasion, you'll have a better time if you entrust the food preparation to a local catering company. You can select a menu appropriate for the occasion and, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing and preparing the meal yourself, you won't have to worry about shopping, cooking, or having to clean up.  Special Occasion? Caterers have got it covered Whether you're celebrating a personal milestone, a corporate function, or any other milestone worth commemorating, catering makes the experience both effortless and mem

Basha's Durbar Biryani - The Best Caterer in Chennai

  The venue is finalized, lists are done, invitations are ready, splendid decorations, grandeur stage is set and all crucial for a big  event. However, The guests may forget all these things, but a perfect biryani is never forgotten, and lasts for the lifetime.   We at Basha's Durbar Biryani create a perfect "Bhai Veetu Kalayana style Biriyani", and create a taste that will never be forgotten, that is why, Basha's Durbar Biryani catering is known for.  If you are looking for the best catering company in the Chennai, you are exactly at the right place.We at Durbar Biryani offer the best catering services in Chennai, for all your occasions.We have an exclusive menu, which can be customised as per your requirement.    We at Basha's Durbar Biryani, transform your wedding moments a memorable one not just for you alone, but for your family and friends either by serving, the best "Bhai Veetu Kalayana style Biryani" . So if you are looking for a Biryani caterer

Briyani - The Royal Dish of India.

  Biryani itself a royal dish, thus indulging ourself will give you, a royal experience. Basha's Durbar Biryani outlet at Chennai serves a flavorsome "Bhai Vettu Kalayana Style Biryani, that is totally worth to be relished. With a number of Biriyani restaurants in the city, one does not often find a resturant, which offers typical "Bhai Vettu Kalayana Style Biryani" Infact, Basha's Durbar Biryani restaurant offers, the best of both worlds, with influences from the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent firewood style Biryani, it has its own unique flavours and combinations that will surely satisfy your taste buds and appetite. We at Basha's Durbar Biryani, offer you an  exclusive "Bhai Vettu Style Kalayana Biriyani" which treat your appetite crave for "Bhai Veetu Kalayana Biriyani" and you don't need to wait, for a next Bhai Veetu Kalayana occasion. Basha's Durbar Biryani restaurant offers you the same typical Bhai Veetu Biriyani

5 reasons to order from Bashas Durbar

 The famous Biriyani in Chennai The popularity behind, Indian Biryani is because of its aroma and taste, which we get exclusively from the range of spices that are grown in our Indian soil, which makes the Indian variant of Biriyani, So special and makes us go crazy for Biriyani. It has also contributed significantly towards the evolution of different types of Biryani across the world. The Indian versions, itself has more than 7+ varities of biriyani's across different regions of India.The local regional spices creates the local magic and makes it, so unique.To try our authentic "Bhai Vettu Kalayana style Biriyani",do visit our restaurant.You could also simply order online at The Biryani's from Southern regions of India are of distinctive taste and texture, when compared with the other Biryani's, They use different types of premium rice, which varies in its size from small grain size to long grain rice, which adds an extra flavours to the Bir